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    2017: the year of transformation

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    I've found my Voice - it was stuck in my throat :)


    Freedom to speak my truth is something I never allowed for myself.

    I really didn't think anyone would be interested in what I had to say.

    Now, I have something to say

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    SAY IT OUT LOUD, capture passions and tell stories that inspire!
    Have an idea for a video? Let me know :)


    the fire and the flame!

    Ange Arbuckle and Naomi Irons-Hill are spectacular women making a difference in this world by speaking their truth, being totally authentic with complete vulnerability! It takes a lot of courage and sisterhood for this to flow!
    During time of great transformation, I gravitate towards women who I know will take me to the "other side' and Ange and Naomi are two of those goddesses...forever grateful!



    Naomi Irons-Hill

    Have you ever considered the people in your life that stir intense emotions in you are the greatest invitation to expand SELF awareness?
    Naomi talks about 'triggers' in her SAY IT OUT LOUD!

    Kathryn MacKinnon


    From Ordinary to Legendary


    Tania Carriere,
    Honouring YourSELF


    Tania talks about honouring the woman that she knows herself to be!
    Tania's Blog - Helen Mirren made me do it.



    Tania Carriere

    StoryTime setup for SAY IT OUT LOUD! Tania tells the story of The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munch
    I see how this story triggered the
    fiercely powerful, pure energy
    that Tania continues to live with...
    ...stay tuned, Tania is MAGNIFICENT!
    April 23rd, 2017


    Nancy Hanlon

    Guts, Grace and Radical Courage!


    Darryl Andre

    StoryTime setup for SAY IT OUT LOUD!
    Darryl and Joe live in a beautiful
    California style bungalow. There is a chandelier hanging in the living space that is magnificent. Here is the story behind it!
    April 18th, 2017



    Naomi Irons-Hill

    Giving ourselves Permission!


    Lea Werthman

    Lea Werthman and I have known each other for many years. She is used to me having a camera in her face, but today was different.

    Lea felt the urge to Say out loud that she and her partner are experiencing a shift which requires them to re-define the traditional rules of MARRIAGE!

    I am hearing this more and more, so I thank Lea for her courage to SAY IT OUT LOUD!
    August 2016


    Lisa J. Weiss

    Say it out loud is a video project that I started a couple weeks ago. I didn't know where it would fit, what it would even look like and I was OK with that! I am trying to let go of any expectations associated with where it would take me and all of you.
    So, this is entry #1
    Lisa Weiss and I met a couple years ago and I knew we would be connected. There was no urgency associated with the feeling.
    It has taken us to this point.

    Thank you Lisa for being the Goddess in the House :)
    August 2016

    'Say It Out Loud' Video Setup!

    Lisa J. Weiss

    I've been very inspired lately but random songs that appear to me throughout my day. As I set up for our videoshoot we decide to see what song is playing on the computer...It was, as usual the perfect song for our moment in conversation.
    'People I Know' by Eric Hutchinson

    Amazing Artist - thanks for your expression!

    Nancy & Lisa
    August 2016

    Raphael Weinroth Browne

    The Visit


    Energy Transfer!

    Oh boy, that was an exhilarating experience for me!!

    See Earth Program,
    Algonquin College

    I met Arturo in 2008 on my first See Earth expedition to Costa Rica. Arturo's passion stirred something in me. It stirred a sense of urgency about our environment.

    In 2014 and my 5th visit to Costa Rica, I decided to film a mini-doc to tell the story of the young, organic coffee farmers and their efforts to stay organic, not only for their own health, but for the health of the environment and the world!

    See Earth 2013

    Highlights video from 2013 Expedition
    myHappyPlace is being present in a space that allows for kick-ass fear conquoring, risk taking, spirit freeing ADVENTURE!

    The call was answered by 20 beautiful spirits. 

    Capturing their experience was a complete honour for me!


    This is how we ROLL in Costa Rica

    PURA VIDA!!!


    photography: mySPORT

    Photography to me

    ...is not only for revisiting moments in time

    Photography is physical, it's a workout, it's playful, fun

    Photography to me is an invitation to TRUE SELF expression
    ...on both sides of the lense!


    photos by Tanya

  • myPast

    coming home was the feeling I had on this day, on the North Shore, on my Birthday, during the magnificent Full Moon

    A day that allowed me to remember where it all began

    A day that allowed me to remember my tribe

    A day that connected my past and present

    A day that allowed me to remember a lifetime...


    North Shore, Oahu

    Coming home to a knowing of tribe.
    As my eye focused through the lense, through the grass, on the primal gaze of these two beings, I was fully aware of the presence of a WILD past, lived lifetimes ago.

    The gaze!

    I see both wisdom and innocense in each of your gazes.

    Both lioness and cub

    Both wisdom and innocense

    Both curiosity and knowing

    Naomi and Tanya


    North Shore, Oahu

    Remembering the warrior of past
    She stepped to the edge and slowly exposed her strength!
    Proud and Confident was she!
    DON'T FUCK WITH ME came shouting out of her without a noise or flicker. Solid and ready to defend!

    I see a warrior of past...



    North Shore, Oahu

    a protective instinct is rooted from lives lived
    The watcher, the looker, the one who signals when the wave is near.
    Wisdom evolves as she watches

    She knows the risks and lives her life anyway..without fear!

    She is strategic, but her plan is simple...PROTECT!


  • myEssence

    These Renaissance Women are part of myEssence

    Ange Arbuckle



    Ange was first on the page but the last one I wrote about. Ange is a version of me that is so adventurous, has so much passion, she lives on the edge. I love that part of me!

    I am constantly triggered by Ange and
    I think I trigger her as well.
    I loved hearing her soft, vulnerable voice during one of our conversations, saying
    .'Who the FUCK' is Nancy Bell???

    That triggered a feeling of belonging in me.
    I am here for a reason. I matter to these women and OH BOY, they Invite and Allow me to be all that I AM!

    Naomi Irons



    A knowing was evident when I brought Naomi into mySpace.
    Little did I know the fucking power, the force that I was tapping into when I actually shared physical Space with her.
    Sometimes I feel like her daughter, sometimes her mother,
    sometimes her grandmother haha,
    but mostly her sista!!!

    We have done powerful things throughout our many lifetimes together!

    I have no doubt we will continue the journey

    Tanya Petraglia



    Tanya is a witch, plain and simple. She sprinkled pixie dust on me and now
    I can fly!
    Tanya represents all the "best friends" I have had throughout my lifetimes. She lights a fire under me, inside of me, outside of me, above me, fucking even below me,
    and I am eternally grateful!
    She acts immediately, something I never learned how to do, because of fear.
    I am learning NOW!

    Deb Gleason



    I feel a great connection with Deb, a very familiar one, maybe even a twin.
     I think we had very similar childhoods.
    We definately have the 

    same relationships with our Mothers haha.

      I am in awe of Deb's courage. 

    Deb shows me what is possible...
    end of story :)

    Mandy Sandbach



    Mandy is myProtector. I feel very safe when Mandy is around.

    Mandy is the builder in me, the architect, the planner, the provider.

    Mandy is also the soft earth, the gentle soil, the dirt, the mud.

    Mandy enables life to grow!

    Mandy represents the space where my roots are rooted!



    I love Nancy! Nancy is the creative in me. Nancy is so alive, passionate and so expressive. She represents all that I can be. My urgency to 'experience' is fading.

    Nancy allowed me to realize

    that I don't have to 'be there' to experience the joy, the love of a situation.

    When you are with a collective of women that are connected, you

    feel through each other.

    The experience is the same whether you are in attendance or not!

    photo by Tanya



    Oh Raina!
    Mother Earth is Raina.

    Raina represents the best of me as a mother. The only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a Mother.

    It is my favourite thing!!!
    When Raina is near...
    I know I am being heard. I know she feels what I feel, I know she is

    holding space for me.


    Raina GOES FOR IT!

    All of it!

    She is courageous and determined and I love that about her!



    Holly is a big trigger for me.

    To no fault of her own, Holy triggers old conditioning for me. Holy triggers an

    insecurity in me.

    An insecurity I used to feel being around my

    boyfriend's families.

    I wasn't worthy of being a wife because I wasn't prepared to serve him.

    Holly, for me, represents a generation of women that wanted to fix everything.

    The trigger, I guess is that I wasn't prepared to do that for someone

    and felt guilty because of it.

    Not guilty enough to actually start serving my man haha,
    but guilty that I should want to.

    Now, I see Holly's

    desire to fix transform into

    an offering of compassion.

    Holly is a powerful, independent soul on fire. Being witness to her transformation is empowering!

    I am grateful for Holly!



    Stephanie is always present at the exact time I need to hear what comes out of her mouth!!

    I bet Stephanie and her

    pixie sister Tanya

    go flying around Never Land together

    in search of Lost Boys

    to play with and Pirates to battle :)

    Stephanie represents myInnocense, the young girl in me that played in the woods and swam in the river.

    I know Stephanie will continue to play

    when I forget!




    I remember, I breath and I remember the exhaustion of caring for an infant.

    Those first few months when

    you get no sleep!

    Melissa is at that stage with Ryan.

    Melissa honoured herSELF

    and responded to a call.

    It took her and Ryan to Hawaii

    and I'm so grateful.

    Melissa reminded me how connected our babies are to our energy.

    Renaissance Children

    are born to

    Renaissance Women!!

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